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Auspicious & Prosperous Year of the Water Snake 2013 ~ Advancing you to better prosperity, position, longevity, wealth & harmony in the coming new year.

Chinese Snake Symbol

The qualities or attributes of Water according to the Ancient Chinese are diplomacy and the ability to influence others in a non-confrontational way. Chinese horoscope signs who have water as their element definitely have amazing skills in interpersonal relations and you can find yourself being persuaded by them without realizing it.

Different Viewpoints

The differences in astrological approaches are reflected in the Eastern use of a constellational, rather than solar, chart analysis. The position of the sun in your solar horoscope shows the outward manifestation of your sense of authority: how you seek to impose your authority on others. The sun’s actual position relative to the constellations shows how you relate this sense of authority to more universal realities.

If, in your solar horoscope, your sun is in Aries, it will tend to make you outgoing, even aggressive in your dealings with others. But assuming you were not born toward the very end of Aries, your sun’s actual sidereal position will be in the constellation Pisces. This will mean that your inner sense of universal influences, of authority from above, and your particular brand of inner wisdom, will be Piscean. On deeper levels, most of us are very different from the face we show to the world — not because we seek to deceive others, but only because those sensitive feelings which are at home in the depths of our mental seas would not survive at the surface. They are too deep to be verbalized. 

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The followers of Chinese astrology are increasing day-by-day. It can be said that Chinese predictions are very authentic and precise due to its tremendous faith among people. Chinese astrology is not confined to any one place such as China but its wings are now spreading all over the world. People around the globe rely on Chinese astrology to know the exact prediction of their future life. For the ease of our visitors we have come up with different Chinese prediction tools and Chinese astrology 2013. These things act like a trustworthy guide that will take you to the future and will enlighten you in all possible ways.

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